Post-pandemic comedy and female empowerment with Sarah Millican

Award-winning British comedian Sarah Millican is currently in Middlesbrough for her Bobby Dazzler tour, gracing Middlesbrough Town Hall with plenty of laughter. Sarah made the audience feel welcome on her first night in Middlesbrough, bringing everyone in to share their lockdown experiences and having a laugh alongside herself. For a night of relatable pandemic anecdotes and raunchy stories about married life, you need to come and see the show yourself.

Female empowerment

Anyone who’s seen any of her shows knows that Sarah likes to talk about female-specific topics, ranging from dating, married life right through to menopause. She definitely doesn’t shy away from scarcely talked about topics, reminding us that we’re all dealing with the same things in a lighthearted way. After seeing so many male comedians frequently making sexual jokes for mostly male audiences, it’s refreshing to hear a woman talking honestly about sex, and making jokes that are relatable and unfiltered.

Post-Pandemic comedy

This tour she brings stories from the pandemic to remind us that we’ve all been trying to make it through a difficult time, and she brings the audience in on the conversation too. Sarah Millican knows how to handle a crowd and she includes plenty of audience interaction at her shows, making it feel like more of a conversation at times, rather than making fun of her audience. It’s very clear that she wants everyone to feel included for a night of laughter as a community.

Sarah talks about her fitness journey during the lockdowns and how the sound of her own voice motivated her to workout (and annoyed her). There were times when the audience managed to surprise her with their responses, and she enjoyed a good laugh along with the crowds. It was extremely nice to see someone genuinely having fun whilst they’re on stage.

Supporting small businesses

All of the merchandise from the Bobby Dazzler tour can be accessed online at and were made by independent businesses. All of the proceeds go to the independent business owners, who were hit hardest during the global pandemic. Sarah decided to let all of the profit go towards people who were struggling to keep their businesses open during Covid-19, rather than making any money herself.

It’s very clear that Sarah wanted to use her tour to help support women, small businesses and local charities after all of the difficult events of the past two years.

Raising awareness and money for charity

Sarah also held a collection for the Samaritans at the end of her show, with all of the donations going to help people in the local area. Not only does Sarah bring a bit of light fun to everyone through her stand-up, but she also helps support the areas she visits. She also reminded everyone to get their smear tests done regularly and to go for regular breast cancer screenings after her nurse asked her to spread the message.

Supporting others is Sarah’s main goal, and she does this in a fun way, which we all need after recent worldwide events. You can get tickets for Sarah Millican : Bobby Dazzler at

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