Singing “real stories about real people”: new single by Hartlepool singer

Michael Gallagher releases his brand new single Fallen, today, Friday 24 September 2021, via Humble Angel Records. The young singer has a knack for crafting upbeat rock anthems- especially prevalent on previous singles Lula and Time. On Fallen, he delivers this signature catchy rock but this time it’s full of clattering guitars and a heavy beat-driven melody reminiscent of late nights at the indie disco.

In Michael’s own words:

“Fallen is a song that I have been sitting on for a while now. The song tells the story about two people who have fallen in love and all the trials and tribulations they face along the way, but in the end love conquers all. I remember writing it in one go when I came home from a festival in Belgium, which is probably why it has that summer festival feel to it. It’s been cemented in my live set since it was written so anyone who has seen the live show already might recognise it.”

Songs that tell real stories

Michael Gallagher is a singer and songwriter, crafting songs that tell real stories about real people and real life. Born and raised in Hartlepool, the former shipbuilding and steel town in Teesside where a strong local spirit has seen the town through tough times, Michael has honed his talent for music since childhood. 

It was Michael’s nan who gave him his initial introduction to music culture, gifting him a pile of CDs from David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and more classic luminaries to absorb. Michael was soon inspired to pick up a guitar given as a child, and taught himself to play- all the while enlightened to contemporaries such as Oasis, Razorlight, The Wombats and later, The Cribs.

He was soon playing shows in local pubs and bars, steadily building a local fanbase. It was this growing awareness in his community that led Michael to continue writing new songs, and develop his talent for honest, sharply observed lyrics. Michael has been performing numerous virtual shows and festivals during lockdown, following his stint on the pre-covid live circuit building his fanbase and is currently back to playing in real life shows.

Fallen has a real energy and vibrancy about it. Great vocals and instrumentation which are well produced whilst keeping a ‘live’ feel. It gets you up your feet. Memorable.

Read more about Michael Gallagher.

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