Soap and streaming by Jarrow entrepreneur: supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the North East

Anthony Easter, Jarrow gamer and entrepreneur

One local entrepreneur is looking to clean up after diversifying during the recent Lockdowns to set up a natural vegan soap business and a charitable gaming platform. In the winter months in the run up to Christmas you wouldn’t expect Easter to be on everyone’s lips but that’s exactly what Jarrow-based business owner, Anthony Easter is hoping.

Like all good entrepreneurs during 2020 Anthony has been dreaming up his business successes from various rooms around his South Tyneside home…which is where SFST and LAZE Soap were born.  Anthony is bursting with pride as his charitable streaming events have so far generating almost £1,000 for local charities, who are struggling to raise funds during Lockdown.

He like many other people currently in the creative industries sector is being furloughed until theatres can emerge from the effects of Covid-19.  Anthony usually works as a Senior Technician for Northern Stage in Newcastle.  

Anthony said: “Gaming has been a hobby of mine for many years. I love the escapism it provides but it has so much more to offer.  The online gaming community is very loyal and generous in its support for players, fellow gamers and the causes they help. For many people who aren’t able to go out, multiplayer gaming and streaming has become an easy way to maintain social networks.”

“During the first Lockdown I was totally inspired by a local charity [Macmillan] who held an online streaming event, and I thought to myself this is something I could aspire towards so I set the wheels in motion to see what I could achieve.”

Out of those thoughts was the idea of delivering 24-hour online gaming challenges under the name SFST where the monies raised would go to selected charities that have been struggling to raise funds during the pandemic. 

To date SFST has delivered five 24-hour charity gaming streams raising in total over £700 for local good causes including Newcastle Cats and Dogs Shelter, Black Cultural Archives, Northumberland Pride, South Tyneside Mind, and Northern Pride.  The 6th SFST streaming event will take place at the end of November in aid of Stonewall. 

In the beginning Anthony created most of the creative work himself including producing the programming schedules, animations, logo designs and delivering content. He has added to his support team, who help him stay awake during the 24-hour challenges, reach out to engage with the chosen charities, and more recently share some of the social media responsibilities.

Anthony added: “It has become apparent there’s a lot of transferable skills I can draw upon that I’ve gained down the years from working in the theatre industry, and maybe one day, if there’s enough traction, I would like to build SFST into a full time charity.” 

As if operating SFST, being a Senior Technician and an amateur cardician isn’t enough for Anthony, he also finds time to make gorgeous handmade totally organic and 100% vegan soaps.

The individual bars of LAZE Soap can take up to 4-hours to make and two weeks to cure.  They are made from naturally sourced ingredients and come in a variety of different smells and colours.

Anthony’s personal favourite scented soap that he has created so far is Pumpkin Spice, and the funkiest batch were called The Exotic – sporting a tiger striped colour.

Anthony talks about LAZE Soap.  He said: “We all like to treat ourselves and indulge from time to time, and there’s no better way to cheer yourself up than smelling and feeling nice.  The idea for LAZE Soap is to provide people with an ethically sound product that also appeals to vegan consumers.  You can use it every day as part of your morning ritual or maybe save it for a soak in the bath at the end of a hard day!”

Anthony concludes by talking about where he hopes to see SFST in future years.   He said: “We have become more driven towards raising money for the LGBTQ+ community and trying to increase their presence in the North East gaming and streaming environment. In going forward, we are hoping to set up SFST as a charity aimed at helping members and organisations of the LGBTQ+ family, with an interest in streaming and gaming, by offering them support and technical help.  We also are looking to assist with micro grants to help get people set up and ultimately build a Northern Gaming LGBTQ+ Network”.

For further details about how you can get your hands on to the latest beautiful soaps and SFST please email.    

The next big SFST 24-hour stream is on 29th of November and will be raise money for Stonewall. Donations are already open at and the organisers will be streaming twice weekly during the build-up to the online gaming marathon. 

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