Poetry Corner


Woman serving in a bar
Illustration by Rosa Cole
 ‘Sweetheart’, he called me.
 Clicked his fingers
 like the snap of something
 deep inside my head.
 And when I got to his side,
 he asided, Alright darlin’?
 Smiling slyly at his mates
 who looked a bit shamefaced.
 And he ordered his drinks
 with his practised leer
 and dangled a note
 to pay for his beer.
 But when I leant in to take it
 he pulled it away
 so I had to lean across,
 saw him wink at his mates
 and that’s when the drink
 went straight in his face.
 Take it out of my wages
 while I practice my Zen.
 Sorry, not sorry
 and I’d do it again. 

Harry Gallagher

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