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Jesmond Community Festival moves into week 2

Yvonne Wancke

Jesmond Community Festival is now into its second week and it is going very well, packed with fun and interesting events both outdoors and online. You may have missed the Tour de Jesmond yesterday but don’t worry as there is still a lot to do. Here is a selection of what you can still sign up to over the coming week.

Ten exciting new shows with Northern Stage

Daisy Windsor

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, Northern Stage is inviting people to get Out on the Toon this summer, starting with a series of free outdoor events to reconnect artists and audiences in their local neighbourhoods throughout June.

Escape by TV

Peter Lathan

It’s like comfort food, I suppose. It’s safe, doesn’t create any anxiety, and that’s what you want in what are anxious times.

Poetry Corner

Fly me to the moon

Suzanne Fairless-Aitken

Bae you are so…BOOM! Fo’sho, and make me all so lit I want to fly you to the moon and live our best-life, like, innit?   In other words hold my hand, In other words darling kiss me   Drop the final F from BFF to one…no more. You are pure mint, sick, v swag, […]

New artistic director at Live Theatre, Newcastle

Kate Bredin

Newcastle-based Live Theatre is delighted to announce the appointment of new Artistic Director/Joint CEO, Jack McNamara. Jack will join the theatre in late August 2021, and will share the CEO role with Jacqui Kell, Executive Director.   Jack has been Artistic Director of Nottingham-based touring company New Perspectives since 2012. His critically acclaimed productions are known […]

Live music returns to Sunderland!

Yvonne Wancke

With gigs returning to The Bunker for the first time in over 30 years, Motorhouse Studios cementing themselves as one of the regions best all encompassing recording spaces and Independent set to open its doors again in May this really is a celebration of live music, with the thriving Sunderland scene ready to explode once again this Summer. The stream will be available to watch via the Motorhouse Studios page on Facebook and YouTube.

Poetry Corner

The inhuman caterpillar

Harry Gallagher

The street of shame is alive,
thriving with the buzzing of texts
as slippery lizards bend eachother
over cokedust covered desks.



Editor Letters

The first broken Brexit promise of 2021 was Mr Gove’s, “never to weaken the environmental protections that we have put in place while in the EU” – but already, in the first week of January, the sugar beet producers have been granted permission to use pesticides containing the neoniconitoid thiamethoxam…

Climate change catastrophe!

Robina Jacobson

[The earth has been lent to us] “for our life; it is a great entail. It belongs as much to those who follow us as it does to us, and we have no right by anything we do, to involve them in any unnecessary penalties, or to deprive them of the benefit we have in our power to bequeath.”

North East People

Teaching in East Africa

Jim Walker

What a difference from Uganda in climate! Fort Portal is over 5000 feet above sea level, Kampala is over 4000 feet but Dar es Salaam is at sea level. The university is on a hill outside the city but, although we got a bit of a sea breeze, the humidity was very uncomfortable. Largely owing to the influence of the President, Julius Nyerere, political development in Tanzania was more advanced than it had been in Uganda but one British custom remained unchanged: the working day.

North East People

“How fragile we are”

Suzy Varty

It’s been a tough few months, but I feel a bit more like myself, and although the country is opening up again the only place I want to go is to the coast.


We talk too much

Peter Lathan

We live in a society in which all opinions are treated as being equally valid, in which ignorance of a subject is thought to be no bar to having an opinion on it, in which facts are what someone chooses to believe rather than something that has objective reality, in which everyone knows everything about everything and believes that everyone else knows nothing about anything.

Poetry Corner


Nicola Tipton


North East People

Teaching in Uganda: Part 2

Jim Walker

As I mentioned in the first part of Teaching in Uganda, the teachers’ wives did not work. At that time none of the couples had children living with them, they had a “houseboy” to do all the work around the house and a “shamba boy” to look after their garden. But my wife Anne could not stand the idea of such idleness. She was a nurse by profession but the school had no post for such a person.

North East People

Teaching in Uganda

Jim Walker

The school had no mains water or sewage and no grid electricity. Water came up to the school by means of a ram pump placed in a nearby volcanic lake; electricity was provided in the morning and evening by a diesel-engine generator. My fridge was powered by paraffin.

Poetry Corner

Song of the six million

Harry Gallagher

It didn’t begin with uniform wearers,
armband bearers; that’s just where it ended,
with proud keyholders
to blandly wicked gas chambers.


Culture Recovery Fund grants (round 2)

Peter Lathan

Arts Council England has announced 2,272 grants totalling £261,582,823 to arts organisations to help them recover from the ravages of the pandemic. Distribution across England w