Poetry Corner

The echo of your energy

Photo from unsplash
I unlock the door for your coming
but you ring the bell again and again
summoning me to the crash of your arrival
the unstoppable incoming tide of you
You launch yourselves, cling like limpets
your limbs fastened on my body
Your kisses wet in my face

Sound surges, quietening the silence of
this house and I am tumble, tossed
pulled in the gravity of your pulsing power
All memories, all hopes become a now
Alive and dead and here and there a now
dancing in your faces, crying in your
tears, singing in your laughter until
I can hardly bear the wonder of you

You leave and I listen to the echo of your
energy ringing in the silence of this
shipwrecked house as the clock ticks
and the emptied fridge hums

Norah Hanson

This poem was originally published in Love letters and children's drawings by Valley Press 2011

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