Poetry Corner

The fancy mice

Illustration by Suzy Varty
‘Fancy Mice’, I found out today
are just domestic rodents,
which I feel confident saying
is a missed opportunity.

How much better it would be
if The Fancy Mice were instead
a manufactured pop group
circa 1973.

They would sing falsetto
over cheesy backing tracks
they’d never heard, before
the soft clunking of a studio door.

I can picture them now
on Top Of The Pops,
miming for the grannies
and the teeny-tiny tots.

Their one genuine musician,
on a one-rodent mission
to play skirting board blues,
as his size zero shoes

tap trusty as clockwork.
Cool as a neat bourbon
he adjusts his wee sunglasses,
and plays a mean mouse organ.

Harry Gallagher

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