Poetry Corner

The last poetry

The last poetry is the second in a series of four poems written by international students at INTO Newcastle University

 On an ordinary night
 Everyone thought I was dead
 But I wasn't.
 My New Year's wish didn't come true
 My friends keep me
 My parents cry every day
 My doctor said that not everyone is fit to live
 I am firmly waiting for the new year
 If you ask for new year's wishes
 I hope I can die soon
 I am bored, living in nothingness.
 My game is over long ago
 Please don't think I despise life
 I respect it
 I give my life the freedom to choose to come and go
 I want to touch the clouds.
 I want to be a cat or a flower
 Death is not in a hurry
 It is a festival that is bound to come
 I set my own date for the festival
 Only me and the new year know
 On an ordinary night
 I cancelled my game account
 I am sleeping in the clouds now
 Happy new year 

Yiran Qin