Poetry Corner

The Unhappy Winners

Unhappy winners
It doesn’t look like they won first prize. The glass is still half empty.
Photo used with permission

Last night, I was unfortunate enough to overhear a meeting of the local UKIP party. I’ve never heard such an unhappy bunch of winners, their whole meeting seemed to be about settling scores with unbelievers!

In a spacious, heated room
in a comfortable land 
seats await moaning owners -
there’s a meeting planned.

At a gathering over drinks
(minuted of course)
the local UKIP committee
are out in force.

Well, I say ‘force’ - there are five,
and such unhappy souls!
They’re planning for the future,
picking battles, setting goals

which if my hearing is correct
means a low-key witch-hunt 
against anyone who mentions
the Judean People’s Front.

No optimism, no laughter,
no smiles, a sad display.
They seemingly have no ears
but I wanted to say,

“Despite your chuntering begrudgements
and your downcast eyes
in the lottery of life 
you won first prize.”

But no, they trailed away
badly done to, shoulders slumped,
an angry one-time lover
who can’t take being dumped.

Harry Gallagher

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