Poetry Corner

This is what hope looks like

Amanda Gorman, US poet laureate,
Photo licensed by creative commons
 This is what hope looks like,
 two wee cinnamon dots
 clutching mom’s hand tight,
 peering out at the wide, wide world
 through childish curtseys and wonder,
 not stopping to think about
 white hooded badmen
 now drowning in shame.

 This is what hope looks like,
 when fury has been faced down,
 blinded by the simplest truth:
 the people have decided
 what really makes us great,
 and it’s open arms and love,
 not pitchforks and hate.

 This is what hope looks like.
 It’s care for the weak,
 a hand for the hopeless,
 dignity for the different,
 better days for the broken.

 Hope is on friendly terms
 with Woody Guthrie tunes,
 its tones, soft as the plains,
 watered by the gentle rain
 sing of there always being room
 for another voice. It says
 all songs are now welcome,
 this choir being
 under new management.

Harry Gallagher

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