Poetry Corner

Tomorrow will be too late

Green man tears his stomach with his hands
I rage through my weeping
Forget niceties for the sake of politeness
Now is the time to break the rules
Tomorrow will be too late
Now is the time for noise
to join the din of those screaming for justice
Now is the time to be nuisance makers
Now is the time to make our voices heard
with every sinew of our hearts
The Earth demands it
The dispossessed demand it
Those fleeing wars demand it
Those starving because of our failings demand it
Those watching their lands 
sinking beneath rising waves
and a sea of tears demand it
Our children demand it
and those yet to be born
Don’t speak of love …compassion
with snake-like tongues
whilst lining purses already full
with profits made on a pauper’s back
It will not wash
Take action now
Scream, rage, rise up
Tomorrow will be too late.

Nicola Tipton

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