Tynedale Transformed: the second Sunday throughout winter

Tynedale Transformed is a group concerned with community organising. It is about “re-imagining a fairer and sustainable future and making it happen.” In October, the group held a hugely successful festival, TT20, with almost 300 attendees and 41 panelists on a number of zoom calls on themes such as sustainability, transport and housing solutions, a radical history tour of Hexham and much more. You can read Penny Grennan’s account of the festival here.

Following its festival launch, Tynedale Transformed is now holding a series of events throughout the winter called  The Second Sunday, where they will hold events around a particular issue. The topic on Sunday 8th November is,” From the High Street to the Villages; Keeping our Communities alive”:

It will feature: talks, interviews and videos around the question: “Where do we get what we need if the shops shut down”?

The programme includes: re imagining rural life, a discussion with a community activist, a panel highlighting examples of local community ownership in all its forms: from the cinema to the village shop, the village halls and the pub.

In the evening there is a Ted talk on the future of commerce and capitalism post COVID- 19 by the CEO of Pay-Pal and a Hexham Debate on Breaking the Power of Money. There will also be a resources list of videos on chocolate and Fairtrade and help with setting up co-ops and community based ventures.

All sessions will be happening on video or zoom and are all free. You can book tickets here.

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