Poetry Corner

We are each other

Photo by Louise Harvey
 We need a brother of the blues;
 come blow your horn, light a fuse
 beneath the tinder of our fickle
 bowing, scraping days.
 We need Sister Rosetta
 to rasp and wake us better,
 shake our crumbling foundations,
 hold us up to a mirror,
 come deliver us from ourselves.
 We need to relearn to sing,
 find our voices again
 til our harmonies ring
 as discords loosen the cement
 of the walls that hold us in.
 We need an old preacher man
 clad in rags and frays,
 come bearing brush and pan,
 help clear up the mess we’ve made,
 pick up the sisters and brothers
 who tumbled to the gutter
 while we looked the other way.
 We need a singer from the choir,
 with a voice of sand and honey,
 carrying the truth like a torchsong
 until like children we sing along:
 We are each other!
 We are each other! 

Harry Gallagher