While Downing Street allegedly partied, I missed my sister’s last Christmas…

Protestor from SODEM outside parliament today
Photo by Sylvia Zamperini

Yesterday, footage emerged of the Prime Minister’s then-press secretary Allegra Stratton, along with other aides, joking about a so-called “fictional” Downing Street party in December 2020 that was “not socially distanced”.  Watching this last night, I felt completely disrespected and that the whole country had been taken for absolute fools. 

So much for the government “doing their best”, rather, this is concrete proof of them blatantly laughing in our faces.  

Remember this was at a time when people couldn’t even hold the hands of their loved ones as they died in hospital wards. Just a few weeks earlier, it was alleged that Johnson had made his “let the bodies pile high in their thousands” comment. Then, of course, we know that strict lockdown rules came into force, especially in London, where millions had to cancel Christmas plans with loved ones at very short notice.

There are many people sharing stories today of how enraged they are by these allegations when they followed the Covid rules to the letter even though it destroyed their Christmas.

On a personal note, I was one of many this time last year who wasn’t allowed to visit my sister in hospital when she was on a ventilator in ICU due to Covid. Despite still being very poorly, she did at least make it home for Christmas with her immediate family. However, due to the strict rules in place I, myself, was still unable to visit her for what turned out to unfortunately be her last Christmas before she passed away early this year.

For myself, and thousands of others in the same situation, this alleged party is certainly no joking matter.

It was a sign of how bad this scandal was when even Ant and Dec mocked the Prime Minister about this party scandal on their normally light entertainment show I’m a Celebrity. This created its very own hashtag of #eveningprimeminister which went viral last night alongside a clip from the programme.

Government ministers such as Health Secretary, Sajid Javid and Vaccines Minister, Maggie Throup pulled out of early morning interviews today in the wake of these accusations of Covid breaches.

Today protestors from SODEM are outside parliament.

Earlier in the year I had been out protesting Hancock’s response to the Covid crisis, little did I know then that the accusations were set to get even worse in regard to this. We then found out that Matt Hancock himself was flouting lockdown rules when he was caught on camera having an affair with his closest aide.  

Protesting against Hancock

 I am so disgusted by these new allegations that I have signed an open letter from health and social care staff demanding a police investigation into serious alleged breaches of Covid laws at Downing Street.

This and the immediate resignation of Boris Johnson is the only appropriate response to this scandal. 

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