Why Eye North East!

Edited from a photo by Richard Abbott-Brailey

North East Bylines is now one year old! A short video showing our love for our wonderful region will be created as part of our celebrations.  We would like to invite YOU to play a part in this by submitting video clips and even drone footage of the North East be it landscape, townscape or people.

How can you get involved?

Send in your video clips or drone footage in any standard format by the end of July. It can be big or small. Be creative!

This is a truly collaborative project. The best videos will feature in the final video which will be ready by the end of October.

You can record video very simply on your phone or with posher equipment if you like. The possibilities are endless.

Why Eye North East

The idea is that we, as citizen journalists, might see different parts of the North East in slightly different ways. This is why we chose ‘eye’ and not ‘aye’ in the name of our project. We are all different and we celebrate that diversity.

What’s next?

The whole project is not only about video, although this is the starting point. We will be looking for musicians, singers, composers, poets and artists very soon. Watch out for articles in North East Bylines.

How to submit your videos

Please send your videos (and any questions) to editor@northeastbylines.co.uk

The files may well be quite large and so you may need to use something like WeTransfer.

We look forward to receiving your videos!

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