Author: Anya Cook

Anya Cook is a trade union activist sitting on the Socialist Educational Association's national executive and is their North Branch Chair (Acting)

Climate change education

Anya Cook

It is high time we recognised the inter-connectedness of our planet and our people – we are not separate from it or each other. The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 takes place in Glasgow in November. Many believe this is the last opportunity to mitigate disaster. The urgency of change needed now is Code Red. […]

Sing out! A tribute to Nanci Griffith

Anya Cook

“Sing Out!” Nanci signed in my book as I caught her leaving a gig at Bristol’s Colston Hall in 2000; gracious, kind and very human. She was simply lovely. I did well that evening, acquiring a poster too as the promoters were switching materials. I saw her again at the Royal Albert Hall with the […]

Why has the TES decided not to cover Further Education?

Anya Cook

The go-to education publication TES announced on Twitter last week that it will no longer cover further education from September. No real reason was given and in stating that journalists had already been reallocated tasks, it was confirmed as a done deal. There are other publications, of course, but writing for sector specific audiences only […]

Rooting kindness in 2021: the year of the tree

Anya Cook

I have a friend who declares she is apolitical.  She is intelligent, well-read, always learning something, active in community groups and environmental campaigns.  Decisions are made that she does not agree with, yet she still declares she is not political? This outward projection of neutrality doesn’t make sense, or does it?  Neutrality serves only to […]